R1020/R1021 Dragon Styles ring

R1020/R1021 Dragon Styles ring

R1020/R1021 Dragon Styles ring
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Product Code: R1020-R1021
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The Yin Yang Dragon Legend

The Universe as a single force is the Tao or Great Ultimate. This Ultimate Force is divided into two opposites, the Yin and Yang.

The Yang principles are male. The sun, heat and fire, light, and creation as well as dominance are male. The Yin principle is female. The moon, darkness, birth as in material things and submission are female. No one principle will dominate eternally. All things will ultimately change into their opposites. All the opposites we experience ? power and submission, poverty and wealth, sickness and health are temporary.

To experience Yin Yang is to balance our lives as we travel through time to achieve harmony.

The Dragon has time and experience. Maturity has given him knowledge, strength, skill, wisdom and inner peace.

The Dragons journey and interaction with the Yin Yang exemplify the Martial Arts experience.

Mens sizes! The wide shank on this ring, 5/16 inch, often requires a bit larger size than you normally would wear. We make 1/2 and 1/4 sizes, and any size. Please assess your size carefully or get measured by a jeweler with a wide band ring sizer.



Type of metal
Sterling Silver

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