R1050 Shotokan Black Belt ring

R1050 Shotokan Black Belt ring

R1050 Shotokan Black Belt ring
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Shotokan Legend

Founding Master Gichin Funakoshi, after many years of study brought Okinawan style Karate to Japan. The ?way of karate? or karate-do became an education for life itself. With his background in the various styles, the development of Shotokan Karate was a natural progression. This total discipline, which represented a synthesis of various Okinawan karate styles, is today?s modern Shotokan Karate. It is one of the four main schools of Karate in Japan. It is best characterized by its long and deep stances and its use of more linear movements.

At the top of the ring is the Black Onyx Stone. Achieved through many years of practice and study, the black belt represents the highest achievement in rank of the martial artist.

Around the stone are the words SHOTOKAN BLACK BELT.

The symbols on each side of the ring are to show the steps and skills necessary to achieve the black belt rank.

Below the words BLACK BELT a side kick displayed above the banner with the word karate on it. Below the banner is a small crest with a fist of salute showing a sign of respect.

Below the words SHOTOKAN is a three sectioned crest. Crests have been displayed for hundreds of years as symbols of groups, families and countries. They are still used today. Below the crest and at the bottom, are Laurel leaves often used as crowns placed on champion?s heads. Many Roman awards utilized the laurel leaves. Within the crest are three symbols. The top symbol is chain links that represents the Black Belt earning the rank link by link, one step at a time. Below the chain to the left is the eternal flame. This shows the master?s hand passing the torch to the student which keeps the tradition alive from one generation to another. To the right is the symbol of swiftness, the wings of Mercury. In Greek mythology this showed quickness and agility.


Type of metal
Sterling Silver
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