R337/R439 Martial Arts Belt Ring

R337/R439 Martial Arts Belt Ring

R337/R439 Martial Arts Belt Ring
Brand: TRH, Ltd.
Product Code: R337-R439
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Black Belt Legend

For the black belt, free sparing as well as a thorough knowledge of kata and basics are mandatory. Some styles insist on elements such as breaking for rank advancement especially at the black belt level. Many styles judge a black belt applicant on his character, spirit, confidence and to fully control all his movements in kata and kumite.

To advance from one rank to another, there are periodic exams. These consist of various techniques relevant to the belt desired. Basic blocks, punches and strikes are required on many tests; later kata as well as one point sparring is a requirement for advancement.

A black belt's mandatory goal is good form, power, speed and accuracy.




Type of metal
Sterling Silver

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